Daily Delight

Monday, September 22, 2014

{"Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!" -Luke 1:45} What a beautiful verse about a beautiful woman with a beautiful faith; Mary. Although she was perplexed about why God had chosen her to bear the long awaited Messiah, she showed no fear. Rather, she sang with a heart of worship that reflected her faith in God and what He was doing in her life. God also chooses us to do things in His kingdom that we, too, are unsure of. But we can't let that stop us. We must allow our faith to lead us forward, not our questions of fear to hold us back. God's promises to us are so noble, beautiful, and true. And unlike the promises of others, God remains faithful to His. When we live our lives that express the beauty of His promises, we reflect an exuberant joy to a world that so desperately needs to see it- ours. God has a mission to bring His kingdom to this world and He desires to achieve it through you. Let God use you. He sees your potential because He gave it to you, and He's not just going to let it float around. You've got a role in this Kingdom, and God WILL accomplish His good work in your life through it.


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