Daily Delight

Thursday, September 25, 2014

We all want THAT love. The love that entails a happily ever after. The love that doesn't waste time. The love that gives you butterflies every time your eyes meet. The love that doesn't entail any type of hurt or pain. The love that surpasses each and every one of your expectations. The love that's full of constant surprises, adventures and dreams come true. That love. What we should want is THE love. The love that is given by God to us. The love that leads us back to Him. The love that reminds us why we're living. The love that shows us how to love. The love that seeks understanding, truth and wisdom. The love that shows us acceptance and forgiveness. The love that places God before and above all things. And ladies, let me tell you, it's out there. A man who is worth marrying is a man whose devotion to the Lord is just as strong and evident as yours. I'm not saying you have to seek out the godliest man you know and marry him. What I am saying is to find someone who can spark your love for the Lord even more. Someone whose faith you are comfortable walking alongside. If Christ becomes the main focus while dating someone, imagine what a Christ-focused and driven marriage would look like with that person. Don't sit around and wait, seek. But also rely on God's timing. You have to have faith that He knows what He's doing. He knows the desires of your heart, but remember that His desires are far greater than what our minds could ever comprehend. Focus on loving God with every ounce of who you are. Give Him your entire heart. Let Him romanticize you and prepare you for what is yet to come. Take delight in the One who takes the greatest of delights in YOU.


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