Daily Delight

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The point of truly treasuring yourself is not for you to go out & spend all of your money on buying things for yourself just so you can feel good. Rather, it's to acknowledge & appreciate the worth that God gave you. The true treasures that deserve your acknowledgement are things like your worth, your beauty, your thoughts, you feelings, your emotions, your body, & your spirit. All of the things that make you who you are. Not worldly things that make you happy, but YOU. The very you that God created. Treasure your worth because you are priceless in His eyes. Treasure your beauty because God made you a very beautiful & rare jewel. Treasure your thoughts with love & kindness. They deserve to be heard & pondered on. Treasure your feelings & emotions rather than suppressing them. When dark thoughts show up, let them pass like clouds in the sky. Focus on the good in your life. Let your blessings shine light into it. Treasure your body. Give it rest & relaxation. Nourish it with things that give your body energy & life. Your body is the temple in which God's spirit dwells. Take care of it, And finally, treasure your spirit. You are a beautiful piece of God's creation. Meditate with this mindset. Breathe in His presence. Use it to love others well. Your spirit is on the journey with you, take care of it. Ladies, part of the journey is about getting to know ourselves on a deeper level, and treasuring ourselves in this way will help us to do just that. 


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