Daily Delight

Saturday, September 27, 2014

We waste so much of our precious lives wallowing in the "pain" of being single. This is because of how we view singleness in general. Ladies, being single is not a condition or a disease. STOP waiting and START living. We have been called to live in the beautiful story that God has written, and that story is in action- RIGHT. NOW. Dig into the desires of your heart and get to know yourself a little better as you enjoy the moments of right now. By doing so, you will receive a deeper sense of understanding regarding the mystery of the search for finding the one a little more. Not every guy is going to fit into your story, but there will be someone who does. And you'll know the kind of guy that will when you stop wasting your time by waiting and start using your time to journey. Enjoying life this way will not only be a wise investment of your time, but a rewarding one also. Cherish the moments and live for today. Focus on the now, and don't let the enemy rob you of the joys that are fully, forever, and always yours through Jesus.


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