Daily Delight

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Ladies, stop seeking approval from anything that is not of God. Nothing- and I mean nothing- in this world can give you the attention that you desire except for God and God alone. You are marked with the love of Christ across every ounce of who you are! No relationship can give you the type of love that you long for. Not one- except for the relationship you share with your Heavenly Father. If you're in a relationship, evaluate the well-being of your heart. Look at the fruit that each of you are producing as individuals and as a couple. What do you see? Be honest with yourself. (Are you placing God at the very center of the relationship? Do you acknowledge that the love for and from God is greater than the love you could hold for another? Are you encouraging each other? Or, are you holding impossible expectations that cannot be filled by any earthly being? Seeking acceptance and attention by advertising your body and forgetting your worth?) Don't settle girls. God doesn't do things halfway. So why settle for someone who is comfortable with a lukewarm faith? If your love for Christ is on fire, why settle for someone whose love for Christ is simply mediocre? Remember your worth. A man’s pursuit of Christ is the spark that should kindle a longing within you to join him on the journey. Don't lower your expectations or your faith. Stand strong in your desires and seek them out as you continue to seek God’s righteousness first. Above all else, refuse to settle. 


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