Daily Delight

Monday, October 13, 2014

If you are someone who is struggling with learning how to forgive, know that it's okay. Learning how to forgive does not make you a bad person. Just like healing, forgiveness, too, takes time. And when you commit to taking the time to learn how to do it, God walks with you and He instructs you in the process. It is possible to learn how to forgive with a broken heart, because somewhere along the way you find healing. And this healing is exactly what you need in order to keep moving forward. This healing is an affirmation that you're doing the right thing; providing an act of true love. There is beautiful hope in forgiveness. It is the giving AND the receiving of life. Today, I invite you to partake in this ultimate act of love and experience a transformation in your heart that will change your life in magnificent, eye opening ways. Ladies, faith can move the mountains. Allow your faith to move your mountains & make way for your path to forgiveness. After all, the prisoner it really sets free is you. God forgives the inexcusable in you. Won't you forgive the inexcusable in others?


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