Daily Delight

Thursday, October 16, 2014

As much as I believe that being single is a beautiful gift, I'll be honest in saying that I am also guilty of wallowing in what once was was rather than celebrating in the joys of the here and now. I'm a deeply sensitive person, and with that comes a deeply compassionate heart. It's a blessing for kingdom living purposes and rejoicing in the joys of today, but it's a curse when I accept the enemy's invitation to reflect on the things I miss that weren't the best that God actually intended for me to have. Ladies, today I want you to know that just because God says yes to something for a season of your life doesn't necessarily mean that He is saying yes to that certain thing for the rest of your life. Yes, my heart longs for receiving that special attention by that one, special person. I long for a relationship that thrives off of nothing but God's glory and goodness. What I've experienced in the past has only prepared me for my future. Wallowing in the realm of what once was is nothing but destructive and distracting. Let GO. Focus on the here and now. Focus on what's directly in front of you. Pray for the heart you long to give yours to one day as you place your heart in the hands of the One who knows, loves, and cares for it the best. God does His job well, so let Him do it. Don't take over by accepting less than what you deserve. You deserve everything He has in store for you, and no one can make that happen but Him. Let God awaken the love He desires to fill your heart with. 


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