Daily Delight

Thursday, October 23, 2014

There are so many stories that exist in our everyday lives. Stories about our days, stories that we read, stories that we grow up with, stories that make the news, stories that make us laugh, stories that change our lives, stories that are our lives- the list goes on and on. 

However, when all is said and done, there is only One true story. And this story comes through Jesus. This story isn't just told and "left at that." This story invites our participation. God wants us to live into this story because it's His story, and through Him we receive life and are able to give it. 

We are not the leading character in the story of our lives, ladies. God is the larger context in which all of our stories find themselves. Our stories draw us closer to Him once we realize that He is present in every story of our everyday lives. He not only writes our story, He also lives them out with us. Our stories don't end. Rather, they are ongoing because we are a living testimony to God's grace, redemption, and everlasting love to a world that looks for that elsewhere. 

We are unfinished works of grace that are here to do the work of the very God who extends His gift of grace to us daily. It's our job to seek a deeper understanding of the Story because by doing so, we'll be able to live our lives better. Not only will we understand our role in deeper, more meaningful ways; we'll also love God in deeper, more meaningful ways, too. We will be rewarded and those around us will be rewarded as a result of what we allow God to do in us. Step into your stories, ladies, and live them out!


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