Daily Delight

Monday, October 27, 2014

Sometimes I forget that God is in control. I see so many needs around me and just want to fill them all, but I can't. And I have to realize that it's okay that I can't because although I may be a limited human being, our God is the God over all who is limitless over all as well. 

Isn't it crazy that He knows every little detail of each and every one of our lives? I can barely keep up with my friends enough as is, but He keeps up with all of us without a problem. Ladies, don't run yourself dry trying to fix someone or something. Be comforted by the all-knowing God we serve. Give God the steering wheel and let Him take you where He needs you to go. Don't take control of something that is beyond your control.

Let God use you however He desires while keeping in mind that He is in control. He may not use you as the answer to someone's problem, so you may not be around to see the end solution. But that's okay, because your role was to be a part of the formula that produced the solution, and God delights in you for that very reason because you allowed Him to use you for the benefit of His mission; making His name known to a world that's missing out. 

Do what you can and trust God to do what you cannot.


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