Daily Delight

Friday, October 10, 2014

Love is our helping hand, our guide, our everything. Love is the beautiful river that flows through us all. Love is our Savior's name stitched across every ounce of our hearts. It is not proud, it does not boast. Love is being accepted for who we are in the presence of Christ- broken, ashamed, guilty, and all- as He wipes off our dirt. It redeems and it sanctifies us. Love is the set of hands that created us. Love is being held in those same hands. Love is sacrifice. Love is selflessness. Love is what makes life worth living; it is our reason to live. Love sustains and it provides. If we aren't experiencing God's love, we aren't fully living. To know God is to know love, because God is, and forever will be love. And this love never fails. 


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