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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Last December, I received an incredible opportunity to write for Whole Magazine, an online magazine that exists to see the lives of women changed, healed, restored, and made whole through the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

I have absolutely loved getting to share my love and passion for the Lord through my writing. Through my journey with Whole, I've developed an even deeper love for my writing. Painting visuals of my heart with words for the glory of our Creator- who painted this world with the simple touch of a finger- is such a gift that I am thankful to share with the world and use solely for His glory.

I hold a great deal of passion for many areas of ministry, especially women's ministry. I'm not talking about the tea-party, book club, and luncheon kind of ministry. What I am talking about is the empowering women of God in their voices and roles in the Kingdom kind of ministry.

The kind of ministry that advocates for the calling God has placed on each of their individual lives. 
The kind of ministry that empowers women in their worth. 
The kind of ministry that teaches women how to be women of confidence and courage.
The kind of ministry that encourages women to walk in the truth of God's promises. 
The kind of ministry that gives women a voice. 

Fast forward to August. . .

Earlier this August, an idea came to mind that I couldn't seem to shake. I soon realized that the reason I couldn't shake it was because it wasn't my idea, it was God's idea- and it was pounding heavy on my heart.

A few weeks later, I was spending time with a dear friend who randomly asked me what some of my dreams were that I haven't chased after yet. Immediately, the idea came to mind.

"Well, God put this idea on my heart a few weeks ago and I can't stop thinking about it. I want to start on online ministry for women."

My friend looked at me with big, googly eyes and said, "Then what are you waiting for?" 

"What a great point," I thought, "What am I waiting for?" 

That conversation was the affirmation that I had been seeking. It was the green card that God used to tell me, "Go." 

I stayed up late that night, brainstorming names for this new ministry and seeking God's voice on what the mission for this ministry should be. His answer? My passion.

Around 2 AM the next morning, Daughter of Delight went from what was once an idea to a reality.

I can't tell you where this is going, but I will tell you that God is fueling this ministry in great amounts already.

My one promise to myself is to follow the Spirit wherever it leads me- always. Through keeping this promise to myself, God has certainly proved worthy in the keeping of His promises to me.

The mission of Daughter of Delight is my passion, and my passion is my King. You can find Daughter of Delight on Instagram and, as of today, this website.

Daughter of Delight is a ministry that shares daily doses of delight for the One who takes the greatest of delight in us.

After all, I take delight in Jesus because he takes delight in me. What an honor it is to share my passion in yet another ministerial outlet!

Today, I invite you to join me on this delightful journey.

Whoever you are.
Wherever you are.
Let's take delight in Jesus, together.

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