Daily Delight

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

God l-o-v-e LOVES you. Everything about you. Every hair on your head, every beat of your heart, everything that makes you laugh, every flaw you have. Everything. And nothing can separate you from His love. God cares more about your realization of just how much He loves you more than He ever will about you having all the answers and getting everything right. Part of our journey is to question, but the purpose of our journey is not to have all the answers. The purpose of our journey is to live abandoned. To offer the entirety of who we are in surrender to the Lord, our God and King as we live to make His name know. 

We belong to our Father. He desires to live in a divine romance with you. For you are His beautiful, beloved daughter, & His undivided attention is, and always will be on you. When you experience the love of the Lord & allow your cup to overflow, you also experience the freedom that is offered through relationship with God. You have been designed to live in this freedom. God has made the way for you to walk in it. Take delight in knowing that His love is everlasting. Your very heart was made by the epitome of Love, stitched with His love, filled with His love, & covered in His love. You ARE loved. The intimacy that is offered through a divine romance with God is irreplaceable and incomprehensible. There is nothing like it, and once you experience it you'll only want more. You will find Him when you seek Him with your whole heart. Remember, dear sisters, He's not running from you. He's running after you. Draw near.


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