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Friday, November 14, 2014

As the teacher of Ecclesiastes is trying to decipher the mystery of life, he considers everything that has been done "under the sun." He, for example, had everything a person needed for success. He was one of the greatest, wisest, & richest men who ever lived. Yet, everything was meaningless to him (Ecclesiastes 2:11). The teacher realizes that although it may be possible to obtain everything under the sun, no human will ever be able to fulfill his/her heart through what the earth has to offer. 

Ask yourself: Why do I do what I do? In other words, what is the motive behind your everyday actions?Money? Attention? Success? Fame? 

Or, is your motive the One who breathes life into our very bones? 

Ladies, the purpose of life is not to experience & take advantage of every earthly pleasure offered under the sun. The purpose of life is to journey with the Lord on the path He lays before our very feet as we make His name known to a world that needs to hear it- over, and over, and over again- so that those who don't know Him can. God likes to use us to extend His invitation to living into the Story He has called us all to be a part of. Everyone has a role. The purpose of life is to live in such a way that everything under the sun points to the God over ALL. When we live with the embodiment of our true purpose & reflect to the world the meaning of our lives, living "under the sun" no longer becomes about us & doing all the worldly things that "everybody else is doing." It becomes about incorporating our Christian ethics into our lives & showing God full acknowledgement that we are for Him & with Him, just as He is for us & with us. It becomes more about Him & less about us. And that, dear sisters, is exactly the way it should be. 


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