Daily Delight

Saturday, November 15, 2014

{“The staunch belief on an invisible Almighty is the sole relief for a soul at the time of despair.” ―Anuj Somany} 

God longs for us to trust Him with a steady heart. Having a steady heart does not cross out fear, but it does overpower it. Having a steady heart recognizes that although looking ahead may be a very large blur in our eyes, it's a very clear picture in the eyes of God because He is in control. Maybe it's the courage to end a relationship, to confront someone, to accept the hard truth of the matter, or just the courage to trust. Whatever you need, allow the Lord to supply it. Don't run and allow walls of fear to be built within you. Take it to the Lord, obtain a steady heart in doing so, and face your fears with your faith in Him. 

God does not forsake His children when they stray from Him, so why should we run from fear initiated by the enemy? 

Know that you are not the only one who fears, dear sister. Fear versus faith is, and always will be an ongoing battle. However, what can change with the battle you may be facing—as well as the battles that are yet to come—is your battle strategy. When you armor yourself with and fight out of your fear, you lose. However, when you fight your battle with faith, you overcome. This is because your strength to fight also comes from the Source of the faith that you are fighting with. God will always lead you to victory. Be bold in your faith and fight your fear like you never have before. 

{You can find the rest of this devotional, "Steady Heart," here: http://www.wholemagazine.org/2014/11/steady-heart.html}


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