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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Single? You're not alone. 

You're not the only one who feels like it's not fair that all of your other friends are in happy, loving relationships but you're not. You aren't the only one who thinks "Something must be wrong with me." And you aren't the only one who struggles with patience & trusting in God's perfect timing. 

But don't forget Who writes your story. 

The Author and Perfector of your faith created you out of love, covers you in love, & stitches your broken pieces together with love. He knows the deepest longings of your heart & even your guilty pleasures. God is FOR you, not against you. Team up with Him during your season of waiting and work together. Surrender all of your fears & doubts to the One who is control. Light a candle, turn on your favorite worship jams, affirm yourself in God's Word, and let God replace your fears & doubts with total trust & complete confidence. Don't use your season of waiting to wallow around. I am certainly guilty of this- especially during the Holidays, because all day Hallmark Holiday movie marathons are one of my guilty pleasures. I'm sure many of you love a good romance and a tub of ice cream, but remember: The love stories seen in movies are written by scriptwriters. Our love stories are written by God. Use the time you have as a single woman of God to start equipping yourself for the life God has laid out for you. Single doesn't mean you have to be miserable. It also doesn't mean that something is wrong with you. If you're in waiting right now, please change the lens that you are viewing this through to one that sees this season of your life as a gift. Being single is an opportunity to draw near and prepare yourself for what's yet to come. Use your gift wisely. God doesn't waste your time, and you shouldn't waste your time either.


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