Daily Delight

Saturday, November 22, 2014

{Psalm 62:5-6} 

If I've learned anything about pain, it's this:

It's okay to hurt. It's okay to cry. And it's okay to feel like the world is against you. It's okay to be angry. It's okay to ask questions. And it's okay to feel afraid when you don't get your answers. In this world, pain is inevitable. This is because we live in a world full of chaos. At some point in time, maybe even now, you've faced chaos. Death, heartbreak, whatever it may be. You can't run from chaos, which is why it's okay to hurt, to be angry, to cry, to be afraid. 

However, in the midst of all this, you must remember: Even in your darkest moments of life, there is Light. And this Light is also Love.

It's okay to wish you had someone who could wipe your tears, hold your hand, hug you tight, and remain by your side through it all. But don't forget: These are the things your Father is especially good at. The world may be against you, ladies, but the Lord YOUR God is with you and for you. He goes above all things, yet He remains by your very side. Because He loves you and desires for you to see and chase His light. A light that brings healing and purpose to the chaos itself. 

It's okay to keep asking your questions, but please make sure you're giving your concerns to the One who will always care. The One who knows the answers, even if they aren't revealed to you in your timing. The One who sees a clear picture and desires to reveal it to you as you allow Him to manifest truth in your life- even in the midst of the chaos. God loves you more than any human being ever could. He sees your hurt and He hurts with you. Surrender every ounce of your chaos into His hands...even when you don't get your answers. God will love you through every day of every season of your life. Be comforted by this. Whatever it is you're still dealing with or may be facing, grieve through it. But look for the Light & chase after it like you've never chased after anything else once you find it. Because this Light is your reason to live, dear sisters. Hold on, and don't let go.


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