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Monday, November 24, 2014

It's not easy holding out until the right guy comes along. There's a lot of patience, prayer, & intuition involved. When guys come along & show us the attention we long for, it's up to us as to whether or not we allow ourselves to actually see the red flags. Sometimes we live in complete denial about the red flags & hold on to hope that he will change over time. We do this because we fear a life of loneliness more than we trust in the life of abundance that God has promised us. Men who wear red flags are & always will be danger zones. We have to stop denying ourselves of this truth. God desires the absolute best for each & every one of you, & I guarantee the best consists of more green flags than there are red. Sweet sisters, your identity & the gift of your life come from the most important relationship you could ever have: the relationship between you & the Lord your God. It's a relationship that will never fail you & a relationship without an expiration date. 

I've got three words for you today: 


Fight for the relationship your heart longs for out of a relationship with the One who loves you the most. Here are some ways to equip yourself for the battle:

-Seek the Lord's guidance & provision in your dating life. 

-Seek patience through your pursuit of the Father's heart.

-Build the attention you long for off of a confidence in yourself. When you truly believe that you are flawlessly beautiful in the eyes of God, dating someone simply to receive their attention won't even compare to the ways in which God showers you in His attention. God's undivided attention is on YOU, ladies. Keep yours on Him. 

-No matter how handsome he may be, you must be completely honest with yourself. Looks are only looks ladies. KNOW this. Don't get caught up in his physical features. REMEMBER: It's the heart that captivates. If you want a man to be captivated by your heart, you should also long to be captivated by the heart of your future spouse as well. It works both ways. I'm not saying that physical features don't matter. What I am saying is that the heart matters the most. & His heart must belong to God.

-Know that it's okay to get impatient, frustrated, & shed some tears. The wait is HARD. Draw near to the Lord & seek wisdom & understanding. Let Him comfort you through your waiting season. 

-Refuse to settle. I truly believe that if you seek the Lord's provision through this area of your life, determining whether or not someone has the potential to be the one for you will become more evident in your eyes & in your heart.

-And finally, when you feel like you can't fight anymore, let God show you that you can.

My dear sisters, all of you need someone who can journey with you & love you through each & every step of the way in your life together. I promise you that if you fight for it, once you find it, it will fight for you. Don't give up. Keep running your race & fighting your fight, & allow God to reward you with the desires of your heart along the way. This fight is a fight worth fighting for. You are SO capable of victory & SO worthy of love.


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