Daily Delight

Sunday, November 30, 2014

We have the honor of embracing who we are in a world that is constantly throwing one expectation after another at us. 

One of the greatest strengths to have is to not be moved by the expectations thrown our way; to love & accept ourselves; to know our worth & Who it belongs to; to look in the mirror & hear the words "beautiful one"; to live with the understanding that we are in the world but not of it. 

Ladies, we answer to no one but the Lord our God & King. It's not about what the world wants. It's about what God desires & says to be true. His Word is accurate, authoritative, & applicable to our everyday lives. Living a life that seeks acceptance causes us to miss out on the one Who accepts us as we are. Insecurities stem from a life that is rooted in finding acceptance through of the world things. When we take the time to appreciate ourselves & deeply love ourselves, we find comfort in the Comforter & learn how to secure the insecurities we struggle with. Each & every one of us all have amazing talents & gifts that no one else has. We are all unique. Seek the confidence to step into yourself & step out into the world as the one and only you. Letting go of toxic people in your life is a big step in accomplishing a deeper love for & greater acceptance of yourself. Not only that, but loving yourself will allow you to love people better. 

You don't need people who will hold you down. You need people who will lift you up, affirm you, water your spiritual roots, & allow you to flourish in all the potential God has placed inside of you. Embracing who you are will result in a contagious joy that will encourage those who encounter you to do the same. You are not a nobody. You are a somebody full of beauty, value, purpose, & life. And there is no one else like you. Embrace who you are. 


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