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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Many women these days like to think of themselves as "hopeless romantics," & we often say something along the lines of "a girl can only dream," right? Right. If we are hopeless romantics, then why do we even dream about a romance? Because we aren't hopeless, we're hopeful- hopeful romantics. That's why. We all have that longing & special hope inside each of our hearts that one day we'll find that special someone who will romantically love & cherish us with all of his heart. That special someone who has been waiting for us just as long as we've been waiting for him. But no one, & I mean no one, will ever be able to love & cherish you as much as our Father does. Not now, not ever. God knows what you need, & He will provide it all in His perfect timing. That's one promise I can make to you, because He's already made it- to all of us. We are His treasure, His most prized & precious jewels. He is the One who allows us to realize how valued we are & how valued we should always feel.

God knows you better than you know yourself. He molded you. Regardless of your desires, His desires will always take root in your life. He knows what's best for you. Open up your heart & let His love in. Let Him love you. & love Him right back. Always know Who your heart belongs to (your Heavenly Father). You should always wear His name stitched across your heart. Draw near to Him & He will draw near to you in return. Know this. Your love for Christ should radiate off your entire being, so bright that people can see you coming from miles away! He is our first love.

I encourage you to pray for the one you long for. And as you do, learn to fully accept the truth that God's love is the only love we need. His love is full, constant & everlasting. His love is good & sweet. It's the love that keeps our hearts beating. When we realize this, our hearts will receive an overwhelming sense of peace & an even stronger hope for our future. Let us romanticize Him with a burning passion that we can only experience through a relationship with Him.

The Lord is my forever love, and I invite you to accept Him as yours, too.


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