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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Just because Thanksgiving is over doesn't mean our spirits can no longer be held high. There is always, always, always something to be thankful for. Thanksgiving itself is a reminder of this. Today, I want to challenge you to make a list of 7 things that you are grateful for. You can even start it off by being grateful for this day. As you're writing these things down, use them to start creating a place of gratitude within you so that you can learn to live out of gratitude daily. Living out of gratitude will allow you to view the world with a vision that allows light to be seen in your shadowy days. A vision that reminds & captures things for you to be thankful for, regardless of your circumstances. A vision that truly allows you to see. Here are seven things I'm grateful for: 

↠1. My Heavenly Father; my Reason to live. 

↠2. The supportive network of women I have that constantly encourage, inspire, & challenge me to grow.
↠3. The community God has placed me in. 
↠4. The family God has given me. 
↠5. CREATION. I love that I get to be surrounded by the beautiful masterpiece God painted with His very hands. 
↠6. My worth & identity. I'm thankful that God reminds me of this on a daily basis. <<On Christ the solid rock I stand.>> 
↠7. This ministry. I can't explain how thankful I am to have a place to open my heart & share the good news with all of your hearts! Thanks so much for jumping on this journey with me! 

By living out of a place of gratitude, your experience of & perception on life will change completely, ladies. Guarantee it. Why? Because gratitude changes everything. 


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