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Monday, December 1, 2014

{"He has made everything beautiful in it's time." -Ecclesiastes 3:11}

It doesn't matter how handsome a guy is or how cute you two may look together. What matters is his heart and where he places it. 

Ladies, it is so easy to become deceived by looks and oblivious to the red flags, but it's so important that you don't.  

Rise above, stand your ground, guard your heart, & ask yourself the important questions that need to be asked before deciding to date someone. The first question on your list shouldn't be "Is he cute?" Instead, it should be "Does he love Jesus?" 

Not kidding. 

Looks are important, yes, but a man's lifestyle is the priority. If he's not living for Jesus, dating him will only bring you down. You need someone who can lift you up. Someone who can walk with you, love you through all your flaws, & swim with you through the waves of life. Someone who desires to grow with you. Someone who has devoted his life to Jesus & has placed his heart into the hands of God. Someone who wears his identity with pride & desires to be utilized in God's mission for the greater good of His kingdom. Someone who will join you on the journey & support you every step of the way. Someone who makes you happy not just because of the way he has you swooned, but because of the entirety of he is and how he reflects God's image. 

When it comes to a decision regarding who you are going to be spending the rest of your life with, there is no such thing as being "too picky." God knows things that you don't. Don't lose your hope just because the right guy hasn't come along yet. He is out there, ladies. Regardless of what anyone says. Real men with God-loving hearts and Jesus devoted lives DO exist.  

It's a beautiful thing to wait, & its rewards are beautiful, too. So smile & embrace this season of your life, knowing God has beautiful things in store that He will certainly reveal to you in His perfect, perfect timing. 


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