Daily Delight

Saturday, December 13, 2014

{"The measure of a life is not what that life accomplishes but rather the impact that life has on others." -Jackie Robinson}

Today I want to encourage you to let the people you love know they matter. Deliver happiness to hearts by telling your loved ones how you feel about them. Friends, a little "I love you" goes a long, long way- choose to say it more often. Give more hugs & squeeze a little tighter, share more smiles & laugh a little louder. Be someone who encourages and reassures & someone who instills confidence into the hearts of your loved ones. There is quite an empowering factor when someone is reminded of their value & worth by another person. Give someone a call, write a letter, or send a text and let them know they are on your mind. These are little meaningful moments & they matter BIG time, especially during this intimate holiday season. Don't take one second of this life for granted my dear sisters. One godly touch can turn someone's day, week, month, or year around in a heartbeat. Be the person that does just that. You were created for this! 


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