Daily Delight

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Things may not make sense right now & times may be tough, but remember that God is with you & for you. He is not against you and He will not forsake you. It is easy to let the rough waves of life drown our spiritual lives...if we let them. Wouldn't it be a wonder, though, if we cultivated courage in our lives & held on to hope as the waves continued to come crashing down? It wouldn't only be a wonder; it would also work wonders. Don't give Satan the victory when chaos hits. Let him drown in his failure as you stand firm in God's truth & your faith. Swim through the heavy waves of life with a held on hope. Nothing can change the fact that joy comes in the morning- not the chaos, not the world, not even Satan. Cultivate courage to face the chaos with & hold on to hope for as long as joy continues to come in the morning. You can do this, ladies. God will never let go of you, no matter what. Do not let go of Him. 


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