Daily Delight

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Relationships are hard, but not every relationship is right. 

The right relationships seek to glorify the higher Power and greater Love to which they belong. The right relationships recognize the gift and true meaning of a relationship and seek to use this gift in every good and right way. Those who are in right relationships work hard to get things right, even when they fail. They are right because they are real, transparent, authentic, raw, and honest with one another. They exist to help one another grow as they continue to draw near to the Lord.

Ladies, do not make exceptions to relationships that you know are not good for you If you are in a relationship, make sure it bears good fruit on both ends. Relationships work on both ends, not just yours or his. It takes two. You deserve a relationship that will bless your time together rather than waste it.

If you are in a relationship and you have this, praise God. If you do not have this, stop telling yourself "he will come around" and you will have it in the long run as a result. If you do not have it now you will not have it then. You can only do so much. Making the decision and having the desire to live right ultimately belongs to one's self-will.

If you are single, I encourage you to hold on hope. I am single too and I fully believe in my heart that good things take time and patience is rewarded. Hold on to hope and be encouraged by the fact that these relationships do exist and there are good men out there who share the same longings as you. The wait may be hard, but in the end I guarantee the right relationship you are seeking and holding for will be right, and your time will not be wasted. And to all of you, single or taken, my prayer for each and every one of you is that you never let anyone slow you down on the pursuit of your heavenly Father. Because no one loves you or cares for you as much as He does. And no one ever will. So find someone who will journey with you and partake in a relationship that's fueled by the longings you both share for the greatest Love there is.


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