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Monday, December 15, 2014

{"Constant prayer will only 'burden' us as wings burden the bird in flight." -Dallas Willard} 

Prayer is such a simple word that we claim as a simple thing to do. However, when it comes down to it, prayer is one of the things that many of us struggle with the most.

The reason that we struggle so often with prayer is because it is a discipline. The word is simple, but getting into the habit of it is not easy. In order to properly thrive through prayer, we must be intentional about our prayer lives and hold ourselves accountable to them. Now, hear me when I say that I am not calling prayer a task. A discipline requires extra time and attention in order to make it something that naturally becomes a part of our everyday lives. Prayer is a spiritual discipline, and we must be attentive to its need.

One thing that I want to remind you of is this: Prayer is a two-way street. Too often do we do more than enough talking and not enough listening. I want to challenge you to spend time resting in God's presence and listening for what He has to say. Let Him speak to your heart. Sometimes God just needs us to be still and know, so do not stress yourself if you don't hear anything. Still listen and have hope that the Lord can speak and pierce through your life, because He can and He will. Believe the Father is good as you sit, listen, and wait for a spiritual exchange to take place.

Prayer allows us to see through the lens of Christ. Enjoy an ongoing conversation with the God who remains by your side now and will remain by your side always. Use this God-given gift to its fullest extent and be abundantly blessed, ladies.


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