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Monday, December 22, 2014

The holiday season is generally thought of as a time of joy and love, but for many people, it’s a time dominated by loneliness. Being single during the holidays can be hard. Like me, maybe you're the only single person left in your family. Or, maybe you're one of the very few singles left in your group of friends. And all the Hallmark Christmas movies & adorable pictures of couples on social media don't really help the matter, either. Today I want to suggest a few things that will help you to cope with how you are feeling. 

1) Be good to yourself. Taking special care of YOU can help you to better enjoy your solitude more. Take a bubble bath, curl up on the couch & get lost in a good book, turn on your favorite jams and have a dance party, paint your nails, etc. The list here is endless. 

2) Know that you are not alone. Although people may wish for different things( i.e., to be with their family, to have closer connections with friends, or to have a supportive romantic relationship), everyone who feels lonely during the holidays all share a common denominator; isolation. While it may be uncomfortable to feel lonely, do know that it is certainly okay to feel this way. Talking to others who may share your feelings can help you to feel less alone (feel free to comment & love one another below). 

3) Remember what you are waiting for. Your future relationship is not determined by what you see in the movies, so reshape your expectations and the mindset you're fantasizing your Prince Charming through. He does not belong to the typical movie plot. He belongs to the Author of life itself, just like you. Patience in God's timing is everything. 

4) Focus on the love you do have. It is okay to feel a lack of love during the holidays, but do not forget about the ones who are here, for, and with you. Cultivate gratitude for them.

I pray a blessing of peace, love, and a held on hope to you all this holiday season. You are SO loved by the GREATEST of loves. Never forget that. 


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