Daily Delight

Thursday, December 25, 2014

On this very special day, I want to remind you of a very special gift. The best part about this gift is that there is only one making of it. You see, this gift was given in exchange for the gift of the very lives that we are living- right now. It is offered to not just you or me, but to the rest of the world who desires to have it as well- not just during the Christmas season, but through each season of our everyday lives. This gift is unchanging, unlimited, unworthy, and completely undeserved.

With this gift, we are enabled to share and receive it, both at the same time. This gift is the greatest gift of all, and His name is Jesus Christ. 

He doesn't come in a nicely wrapped gift under the tree. He shines from above as He pours an infinite amount of love into our hearts as the sun rises and sets over the horizon each day. The love that God has for you is unfathomable, incomprehensible. You will never be able to fully comprehend the ways in which He longs for you and loves you. He desires a relationship with you. He gave everything He had for you, and me- US. 

Sweet sisters, the greatest gift that you could ever give someone is the love of Jesus Christ. God performed the ultimate sacrifice when He gave His one and only son for us. US. Unlike other gifts, we know the cost of this gift, and it was indeed great. And He STILL gives! Every. Single. Day.

Open up your hearts. Invite Him in. Let Him live through you. Live like Jesus. Love like Jesus. Walk with Jesus. 

When you reach out in faith, you receive the greatest gift. I encourage you to unwrap it, embrace it, and live it as you share it. There is nothing in this world that compares to the uncontainable amount of joy you receive as you live your life in honor of the One who blessed you with such a wonderful gift. Merry CHRISTmas. 


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