Daily Delight

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Falling in love is magical. Everything about it feels unreal, & it makes you wonder how on earth it's possible to feel that way about one person.

Isn't it crazy that God feels this way about each & every one of us? We were created to fall in love with our Maker. & once we fall in love with our Him, we are invited to live out of the place of love we were once created in & where we once fell in love with God. This place is a place that everyone is invited to. The invitation is not only handed out by God every day, but it's also reflected in the way we live our lives that we have devoted entirely to Lord. Our every action & our every word should be made & spoken out of this love. Ladies, I don't know if you have ever taken the time to allow God to romanticize you. If you haven't, then you need to know that you are certainly missing out.

No one in this world can love you like your Father does. God has been a part of your journey since the very moment you were formed in the womb & the very second you entered the world. The longing for love that you have in your heart is a longing we were all created to have. It's a longing that drives us crazy. & what drives this longing for love is hope. A hope held in our hands & placed within us by our Father. He is our hope, ladies. Seek to be romanticized by Him.

The world does not know the desires of your heart, but God does. He knows the type of relationship you long for & the very heart that belongs with yours. But you have to TRUST Him. God's timing is completely perfect. Don't let your impatience get in the way.

God wrote a story just for you & placed it in your heart. Every detail is constructed by Him. Do not try & rush something that simply cannot be rushed. & do not compare your part of God's story with someone else's. Be excited that God has chosen you & laid out a life for you. It's okay to dream, & by all means please do. But remember to live in the moment & seek the joys of the now. They are all around you. Be the person who doesn't take her story for granted. Be the person who takes her story one page at a time as she waits for the happily ever after that her Author has had in store all along.


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