Daily Delight

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

{"You are the light of the world--like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden." -Matthew 5:14, NLT}

Did you know that darkness is measured by a lack of light and coldness by a lack of warmth? There are a lot of dark and cold hearts and places in the world, ladies. Hearts and places that are occupied by the enemy. And guess what all of the evil places in the world are measured by? A lack of God. 

Light and warmth belong to the Lord, whereas dark and cold stem from the enemy. One of the many gifts that God allows us to provide on His behalf is the ability to shine His light so that the world can see. Through us, God can bring light and warmth to the people + places in the world that desperately need it...need Him. When you choose to do life with God, everything changes and life actually starts to make sense. This is because your Creator and His redemptive mission for the world is exactly why you were created. Your desire to make His name known increases and your life is transformed by your passion. The deepest desires of our hearts are filled and overcome with joy delivered to us by the Joy of all joys. Life with God is sweet, rich, abundant, and full. And although it can be frustrating and completely complicated at times, we have our hope in Him that we can hold on to through it all. A hope that we not only have, but can share. Today, I want to challenge you to shine your light in the dark places, regardless of how anxiety-ridden and uncomfortable you may be. Find your confidence and contentment in the Lord, your purpose in His mission, and allow your passion to fuel the way as God leads you in the extension of His kingdom. Be that city on a hill, ladies


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