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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Imago Dei is Latin for "likeness of God." We've heard the whole "being made in God's image" claim all of our lives, but, as true as it is, have you ever really stopped to ponder on what it actually means? To live in the image of God means to reflect the qualities that make our God who He is! So, who is He to you? Make a list of these characteristics and ask yourself the following: Do these qualities match up with my qualities? If not, what do I need to change in order to incorporate them into my life? If so, how I can better reflect these qualities in my everyday walk? Ladies, being created in God's image is not only an honor, but a responsibility that we must always hold ourselves accountable to. When God sees us, He sees something of so much value + someone with so much worth. He longs to know us deeply, intimately, and eternally as we draw near to Him. 

The knowledge and security our hearts crave in knowing who we are and where we belong is not found in anything or anyone aside from God. Once we start to grasp what it means to bear witness to the world in the Lord's image, we start to feel the potential that He has placed within us and see it being used for His glory. There lies so much possibility and opportunity in the ways of which God desires to show you as you show Him who you live for. Your identity is what distinguishes you from the rest of creation! It explains why we are here in the world and reveals to us the work that has yet to be done. Living in the likeness of God should be the focus of our lives. The potential placed within is it the potential we should strive to achieve. We are called to do good works because we are the people of God and that's the reality of what the people of God do. Because when God's people show up, good fruit is produced and wonderful, undeniable, transformative things happen because of His work in and through them.

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