Daily Delight

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

There comes a point in all of our lives where our focus gets places on what's next. In other words, we play the "go get the blessing" game instead of resting in the reality of who we are. Ladies, I want you to know something: We don't live for the blessing, we live IN it. When we discover who we are and understand what our purpose is, the "what next" question of our lives becomes the "what's now" statement of realization. Discipleship is an ongoing mission. Where we are going begins with where we are now. So, where are you? Are you playing the "go get the blessing" game? Or, are you living from the blessing as you seek to fulfill your role and God's desire for His kingdom? God blesses us when we live for Him. Stop playing a game that will lead you from Him and start living a life that will lead you to Him. Living from the blessing can bring about the freedom to say no when you need to, to say yes when fear desires for you to say no, and to help us get beyond ourselves in order to help others live from the blessing. Wherever you're at today, reflect on what's been done for you and what God desires to do through you because of it. You were made for glory. May your eyes, ears, and heart be open to all that God desires to say to and do through you. The blessing we have is the role we get to play in God's Story. Don't miss out on it.


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