Daily Delight

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Too often in our lives do we find our selves wearing the badge of busyness like it's the badge of honor. Ladies, the badge of busyness is not the badge of honor. Many things are worthy of being busy for, but many things, too, are not. Look where your time is going throughout the week and make sure the way you are busying yourself is healthy and beneficial to your spiritual being. Focus more on incorporating the life Jesus lived and reflecting His example in your daily life (workplace, home, etc.) Invest in people and community. Focus on how to love more and hate less. Do things that will help keep your heart calm and content as you continue to go about your busyness. Regardless of how busy life may be, your attention should always be on God and being a better you because of Who you look and answer to. Use your busy time wisely this week and learn to love your busy life more through doing so. And don't forget: The badge of honor belongs to the One you're called to live your life.


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