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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How to Live an Authentic Life: Day 7: Surrender to Knowing Nothing

When we surrender the entirety of who we are to God, we are giving Him the reins of our life. Not that He doesn't have full control over all of our lives already (because He certainly does), but when we surrender to knowing nothing it's our way of saying to God, "Lord, I acknowledge who You are & the control you have versus the control I don't have. Lead the way + I'll follow." Ladies, God completely gave Himself to us (John 3:16). We must give ourselves to God in the same way. When we surrender ourselves + the control we think we have, the energy we receive from doing so will accomplish more for our lives compared to the energy of control that we waste our time with. We'll taste + experience freedom like we never have because control will no longer be our focus. Instead, our lives will be consumed with, by, + for God. And that's exactly how it should be. We can't write our stories or the roles of our lives that we want to fulfill. There is only one Story, + everybody has a role to play. God wants to use each + every one of you to fulfill His purpose for Creation. The passions + the gifts that you are given by Him are the outlets that He uses through you in order to achieve His mission. Focus on why you're here in this world. It's not for self-gain, but for God's redemptive desires that He has for the whole of His Creation. Surrender to His mission + be a part of the most amazing role + greatest honor there is. You have purpose, + that purpose is not to know or control what happens next in your life, but to use every opportunity you have to make your Creator's name known + to invite people into the Story we are called to live. Surrender to knowing nothing + be filled with love, purpose, + perspective. Because you are loved, you have purpose, + God desires for you to see the world through the very lens of which He does.


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