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Sunday, February 22, 2015

A few weeks ago, I was scanning Etsy to see if I could find any women who ran Christian oriented shops that would be up for partnering with Daughter of Delight. (Remember, one of the main reasons Daughter of Delight exists is to empower women in their passion[s] for the Kingdom!)

Today, I am so excited to share with you Simple Truths Designs and the story behind Ashley Graham's shop. I'm also going to review two of the adorable items from her online shop that you should check out!

The Story Behind Simple Truths Designs: 

Simple Truths Designs was started by two individuals who are committed to supporting charitable organizations/causes around the world who have a heart for missions like they do. God has led both of them on a journey. He has compelled each of them into action in different ways, but each with the same purpose. He's using them to "deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help." One of the journeys leads to Nicaragua, the other right here in our very own country through foster care. The needs in both places and places all over the world have broken their hearts for what breaks His. Therefore, Simple Truths Designs pledges to give a portion of its proceeds to a designated charity each month. The hope is that these funds will spiritually enrich lives, and provide for those in need.

Since the start up of this business in May 2014, Simple Truths Designs, with the help of its customers, has been able to help "Good News Grow", Adriana's Kids, Foster Children of Hall County, GA, and other individuals who are experiencing difficult times.

At the end of last year, Simple Truths Designs was focused on making spirits bright by helping buy Christmas gifts for foster children. As of July 2014, there were 8,807 children in foster care in Georgia. Ashley and her husband have been serving as foster parents since June 2013. The needs of these children are great. Some children enter foster care with all of their belongings in a single grocery bag, and some with nothing at all. Some of them have never known the joy of opening up a gift on Christmas morning. As individuals shopped with Simple Truths Designs, they were helping give Christmas gifts to these children, many who have experienced neglect due to substance abuse, general neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, abandonment, or domestic violence. 

Ashley has been fortunate these last few months to be able to use this small business, Simple Truths Designs, to help inspire and help others who are going through struggles in their lives. She has had people reach out to her, and it is very humbling for her to know that as individuals are striving to make it through difficult times, wearing a shirt that she has made can make the journey easier. That simple truth worn across their chest can provide just a little piece of inspiration that keeps them pressing forward.

God has already used these shirts in unthinkable ways, and Ashley is excited to see where God leads! 

Here are some of the super cute tops from Simple Truths Designs. Have you ever touched a shirt that you couldn't seem to let go of because of how comfortable it felt? No joke, these shirts are that kind of comfortable! Not only that, but you can dress them up for a day out, or you can throw on a pair of yoga pants with them to lounge around the house in for the day. 

Ashley's store exists for one of the main reasons we're here, ladies; to serve. The best part is, by serving with this online shop you, too, get something out of it. When you put that shirt on, you'll not only be reminded of who it exists to serve, but part of the reason you exist as well. What a beautiful way to participate in God's redemptive mission for the world!  

Find the links to her shop, Facebook, and Instagram below! 

Instagram: @simpletruthsdesigns


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