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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Affirming Yourself in the Word of God; Day 4.

You cannot change others, but God can.

One of the hardest things to accept in life is that no matter how much you love, care for, and invest in someone, you cannot change them. When coming to this type of realization, it's easy to feel like you've wasted your time or that you are not good enough. Neither of these things are true. God uses us for miraculous things in the lives of others, regardless of whether or not we get to see His miracles take place. Sometimes, God just uses us to plant the seed or shine light into a dark place of a person's heart before moving us forward in our mission for His Kingdom. What you need to be reminded of today is this: God never wastes energy. He does not waste time on unnecessary things. Every conversation you have with someone matters. The most important thing that you can do for people around you is to continue pointing them in God's direction by reflecting His love, goodness, kindness, patience, peace, and mercy. Do not let the fact that you did not see a visible change in someone during your time with them be something that holds you down. Satan will use this weight to discourage you while God is trying to pull this weight off of you in order to get you to your next destination. There is a lot of Kingdom work that needs be done, and God needs you for it. 

Whether or not you plant the seed, water the seed, or watch it blossom, everything God uses you for matters. The answer that the lost are seeking is Jesus Christ, and what determines whether or not people know Him is whether or not they are willing to invite Him in. This is truly a heart matter, not a "let me show you how it's done" kind of thing. So, with that in mind, be comforted by the fact that God does use you to knock on the doors of others, but also know that when people answer that door it's not you they need; it's Jesus

Again, everything you do matters. So keep going, keep doing, and keep living. 

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