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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Your life is not your own. It belongs to the Creator of the world, the Maker of the stars, and the Source of the heart that beats within you as you read this. It is not your job to map out the path that will make things fine and comfortable as you embark on where it is you want to go. Because regardless of what you map out, your life will never just be "free and easy down the road you go". Your life was not given to you for self-gain and constant comfort. Ladies, life is full of chaos; chaos that is inevitable and everywhere.You will run into it. As you soak that in, you should also soak in the fact that the Lord's plan for your life is also inevitable. Whatever kind of chaos shows up at your doorstep, it will not mess up the path that God has laid out for you. Consider Joseph, for example. For someone who A) made his brothers mad for having dreams, B) gets tossed into a pit and sold into slavery as a result of their anger, C) ends up with a really good job afterwards, D) and then gets taken advantage of by a devious woman, E) who then gets thrown into jail as a result + interprets a dream while there, and F) proceeds to get another job when he is released from prison, who would have guessed that he would have ended up to be the rich and powerful one who was able to save his people in the end? Not me, and definitely not him. It was the Lord's plan all along. And guess what? It took an entire lifetime! Surrender your life into the hands of your Maker today. Let HIM show YOU what He has in store for the days of your life that await you.

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