Daily Delight

Sunday, February 8, 2015

No matter what end of the relationship spectrum you may be on- fighting it or craving it- we all have a craving within our hearts to be known and loved, even when we are already known and loved in the deepest and fullest of ways. Our Creator intentionally placed this craving within us so that we would run to Him. It's not a craving that can be satisfied by just anyone. It's a craving that can be satisfied solely through God and God alone. So whatever you do, do not place someone else in God's shoes. It is vital to fully understand and believe that only He can satisfy the craving He put within you. This craving is a beautiful reminder of Who you belong to and who you are because of what's been done for you. Ladies, God wants you. He desires to have an intimate relationship with you that draws you closer to one another. This craving is a gift from the Higher Power within us that leads us to Him if we use our gift accordingly. So regardless of how you feel about relationships, all of you were created to have one with God, and it deserves full acknowledgement. Do not try to satisfy your craving with anyone but Him. And do not let your love run out on the One whose love will never run out on you. 

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