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Friday, March 27, 2015

Happy Friday, ladies! 

Today, I get to introduce one of my favorite human beings to you! Her name is Morgan Cecil and she is a woman on quite the mission. I connected with Morgan via Etsy and am so excited to partner with her and share her journey + mission with you guys!

Did I mention we have a discount code in store for yall, too? This Warrior, Princess, Poet, Dancer pullover is so comfortable, so cute, and so empowering! Just putting it on fuels my inner-woman! 

Below, you will find all kinds of information about Morgan and her shop that will make you love it (and her) even more...especially if you're a holy yogi like me! Enjoy!

≫ ≫About Your Shop: 

Maidservant of Encouragement is my small brand of t-shirst, prints, printables, canvases, and other stuff (like tea towels, tote bags, etc) devoted to encouraging others with words that speak life.
When I was in labor with my daughter, there was a moment that I strongly doubted my decision to give birth at home without the option of any pain medication. I had very little breath. Her shoulders were stuck behind my pelvis. She chose to come sunny side up and I had been pushing for two hours. During those two hours when I was ping ponging back and forth between a sea of pain and a delirium of Holy Spirit comfort, I barely spoke. I knew that God was with me, but towards the end when I also could sense it was go time or a ride in an ambulance, I cried out with the only words that made sense.
“Can someone please give me some encouragement? I need some encouragement here!”
I could have thrown out the f-bomb. I could have said it 1,000 times and no one in that room would have thought me less in love with God. But I knew that word would have waisted my breath. I had very little to spare so I simply asked for the one thing I needed.
My husband began to speak Scripture and life over me and tell me I could do it. My sister and dear friend and my midwives began to cheer for me and tell me I was almost there. With every word of their encouragement I felt my strength grow.
My daughter was born healthy and beautiful. (Well, my husband was a little distressed about the cone shape of her head. It was his first time witnessing birth.) We named her Emmanuelle Poem.

She is a daily reminder to me of God With Us and the beauty of right and powerful words.

Encouragement, you see, is no small thing. Words were never meant to be pithy. Words are meant to bring life.

I started my Etsy shop with the desire to create prints and designs with the words, poems and scriptures that have meant so much to me, I feel like God whispered to my heart “Be my Maidservant of Encouragement.” And so I named my shop Maidservant of Encouragement, to keep front and center who I would like to be.

I’m not a trained artist or graphic designer. I admire those who are. It’s enough for me right now though to just create from my heart, as raw and imperfect as it is, and to share this work with you. You can find some of my designs in the shop here(I’ll be adding more soon) or on Etsy. If you like the work I do, I encourage you to sign up for the Maidservant of Encouragement Newsletter. I send out free printables every month and coupon codes.

Let’s get to know each other! 

≫ ≫Me:

Inline image 1My name is Morgan Day Cecil and I am all about pursuing Romance & Adventure with Grace & Peace and encouraging others along the way. I offer workshops, e-books and e-courses, and online yoga classes on my blog and my husband and I just started a new community called Romance & Adventure, celebrating love, family and other big dreams. Maidservant of Encouragement is our little side businesses. ( M of E stands for Maidservant of Encouragement. 

≫ ≫Yoga:

Yoga has been a part of my life since before I knew Christ. Yoga has been a healing tool for me to overcome an eating disorder and the mental/emotional/spiritual battle with depression and anxiety. In everything I do, I want Christ to be my center. Yoga is no different. It's an intentional practice of experiencing, worshiping, listening to and receiving from the Spirit in all aspects of my being-- mind, body and spirit. When I am on my mat, both as a teacher and a student, I am mindfully inviting the Spirit of Christ into my being with every breath.  My yoga practice and teaching has become a ministry of presence. The apparel I design for yoga and everyday living reflects life to the full in His Kingdom. I believe all of us are born to be wild and free, brave and beautiful. 

The Warrior Princess Poet Dancer theme comes from  how I believe He sees us; His most beloved daughters.

I speak this over my own daughter because I want her to grow up knowing her true identity in Him...

You are a Warrior
For the strength and courage I see in you, standing up every time you take a fall.

You are a Princess
For the way you honor all people and light up every sad face in the room with new hope.

You are a Poet
For the way your words help others to see the world in beautiful, true ways.

You are a Dancer
For the way you move through each day with a song in your heart.

Seeing women and girls of all ages in the Warrior Princess Poet Dancer pullover and tees makes me so happy. I want us women and our daughters to be confident in who God created us to be. He loves us! And from this love, we can own our strengths and our weaknesses and bless others by inviting them into this same love and freedom. 

≫ ≫How you got started:

I've always collected quotes, written poetry, and doodled inspirational phrases in my journals. I started my Etsy shop as a way to earn a little side income from home and help my husband save for a motorcycle. It took me over a year to "figure out etsy" but we finally did!  (Turns out you can't just slap a product up there and expect it to sell, you have to learn how to market it too!) Our businesses started really growing and we ended up buying two for me too ;)

My husband and I also wrote a helpful guide for other aspiring Etsy sellers so they can learn what we learned about how to earn a significant side income...but it certainly does not have to take them a whole year like it did us, haha! 

≫ ≫How can readers purchase your products? 

My blog shop has special collections and items not found anywhere else.
My etsy shop has over 205 printables, prints, canvases and other good gift gifting items.


Any Printable from


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More Bonuses:

I'm giving away 3 of my favorite things to everyone who signs up for my newsletter on there now and I'll send your way the 18x24 "Be Humble & Shine Bright" printable, a free yoga class download and, my very favorite thing, the Romance & Adventure Manifesto. I also write monthly Letters of Encouragement  to all my subscribers as a way to give back and speak life over others.


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