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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When we find ourselves at face with a decision to make, we tend to obsess over which door we should open. We say, "God what do you want me to do with my life? I don't care what it is, just tell me." And, at times, we get nothing in return except for silence and frustration. So, where is God in this?

God is more concerned with the person you become than with the circumstances you inhabit. His primary goal for your life is that you become a truly excellent person. For this to happen, we must grow in our character and judgment.

God gives us the freedom to make decisions. If He always told us what to do, we would never develop the kind of wisdom we only develop when we make decisions. It's a part of spiritual formation, and very often you will discover that God's will for your life is that "you choose".

Ladies, open doors are about opportunities, not guarantees. They do not promise an easy life. When, in the Bible, did God ever give anyone an easy job? God says "Go" and He will go with you! This is the promise. He will journey with you wherever your decisions take you. And regardless of what you decide, His plan for your life will always take root- in every twist and turn you may make. 

Don't get discouraged because God doesn't give you direction in your decisions. He is still leading you...to wisdom through the decision making process. Some of our biggest regrets will be the doors we never went through or the risks we never took. 

Decide which door you want to open and walk through it with courage that there are things behind this door that will take you to the places that God desires for you to go.


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