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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Going, going, going and doing, doing, doing can become such a priority in our lives that we forget the importance of slowing down. 

Being busy has to do with the outer self. Being hurried is a condition of the spirit. And when we are constantly busied and hurried, we become so concerned with ourselves that we don't have time to be concerned with others. It's time to stop living in our kingdom and start living in God's Kingdom. 

Something that can be beneficial to each of us is to participate is the practice of slowing...as in, deliberately doing things slowly. 

For example, when you're on the road, deliberately drive in the slow lane; get in the longest line when you're at the grocery store; when you eat, actually chew. This gives God the opportunity to spiritually form us and us the opportunity to fully jump out of our kingdom and dive into the Kingdom of God. Slowing down will give us the eyes to see and the eyes to hear everything that God desires for us to. Don't let the fast pace of this world overcome the way in which God desires to renew your mind. Choose to slow down. See, savor, and live! 

Photo: @emilylalalauren


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