Daily Delight

Friday, March 20, 2015

There are so many vessels of life where our identity seems unknown to us. To your significant other, you're a dream come true. To your best friend, you're the risky and adventurous partner in crime. To your neighbor, you're the one with a smile always on her face. To your boss, you're just an employee and nothing more. To the world, you're just another human being. But ladies, let me tell you a little something: Who you are is a complex and multidimensional human being, instilled with purpose beyond your own comprehension. No one thing can fill your one of a kind description box, so don't let it. Don't let the plethora of labels people place on you be your true source of identification.

Submitting to these labels is a waste of who you are because there's so much more to you! There is a story inside of you that desires to be shared with the world. This is not anyone else's journey but yours. You are living your story, and this is something that should only be determined by what the Lord says and how He feels about you. Your identity is in God and your story is written by Him because you're called to be the living & breathing announcement to the world that the Kingdom of God is on its way. The world does not determine your life; it is your mission field. Know this & show the world the grand eschatological story of redemption that it's surely missing out on. 

Celebrate your individuality.

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