Daily Delight

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Read this with your eyes and then repeat the beauty of this truth with your lips as a prayer over your very own heart. "Your glory, oh Lord, is my greatest fulfillment." 

In John 1:50, Jesus says that we will see "greater things than these." What He means here is that we will see greater things than expected when we deny ourselves and follow Him. Ladies, the times we receive the most contentment should not be times where we are simply focused on ourselves. Our peace, contentment, and satisfaction should come from making the generous name of God known and His character clear to people. Jesus is the window to Heaven, and when we follow the Messiah we get to catch glimpses of the Kingdom through Him. Jesus desires to lead us to greater things, but if we don't let go of our earthly distractions in order to walk with Him, we'll miss out on the life He set for us to experience and live out in its full. Do not miss out on what you were created for. Tell Satan to get behind you and let Jesus grant you new vision to kingdom living as He leads you to LIFE


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