Daily Delight

Monday, March 23, 2015

Secrets kill. Not the kind of secrets that are fun to share with your closest friends, but the secrets that only you know; the secrets that have the enemy's stamp of approval written all over them. These secrets are dangerous, and as much as you may live in denial of the fact that the Lord knows about your dirt, it does not change the fact that He wants to wipe you clean of it. But you have to stop hiding. Ladies, Our God is a God of redemption. That shame you're feeling? Redeemed. That sin you can't shake? Forgiven. Why? Because God WANTS you. 

Secrets weaken us. Vulnerability strengthens us. Choose to courageously approach the throne of God today and allow Him to turn your shame into a showcase of His grace. He desires to make His strength your own. Your shame is not permanent, but God's grace surely is. Run to Him.


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