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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hey ladies! 

Today, I want to introduce you to a project so completely full of freedom, fulfillment, and liberation for women. It's a movement and celebration of the feminine heart, and if you are not yet a part of it, you are surely missing out! I had the pleasure of getting to know sweet Bethany, the founder of TFW, and am so excited to introduce her to you all! 

Below, you will find fun information about Bethany, and you will undoubtedly discover her heart for women through her passion for The Free Woman Project.

Let's begin, shall we?

1) Name: Bethany Morris 
2) Age: 24
3) Three fun facts:

-I get way too emotionally involved in movies and TV shows. Much to the dismay of family and friends, I Wikipedia the plot of everything before and while watching - it still catches me by surprise though!
- I spent my 21st birthday volunteering in an orphanage in the Philippines.
-I am known for giggling, a lot.

4) What's The Free Woman?:

The Free Woman is a movement and celebration of the feminine heart. The modern woman is a multi-faceted beauty and TFW is an expression of that. Everything TFW produces focuses on these five facets: Inspired, Honest, Radiant, Aware, and InfluentialI believe that all women encompass all of these different qualities and that she can't fully become who she was made to be or do what she was purposed to do unless she embraces and taps into each of these qualities. This is currently done through a blog with content produced by a global team and our very first product - a mug! We're also on social media and spreading our "So Lovely, So Free" statement through the Instagram hashtag #solovelysofree.

It's just a really beautiful, honest, and authentic community that seeks to celebrate women and see them equipped and inspired to live not only incredible lives, but lives interwoven with others. 

5) How did TFW get started?:

Creating a beauty like this has kind of been a dream since I was about 9-years old. Apparently, as a young girl, shopping with my mum and complaining about the women's magazines I said, "One day I'm going to have my own magazine and make it beautiful so the girls reading it know they are beautiful and valued." Fast forward a decade or so later, I had completed a Bachelor of Journalism and thought that launching a platform like this would happen in my later twenties as I didn't have any idea of a name, but kind of new the essence of what it would cover and focus on. Near the end of 2013, I had a life changing revelation on what it means to be personally free and found myself saying "I am now a free woman", which led to the lightbulb moment of: "The Free Woman!!!" After that, everything began falling into place. The website domain, business names, and social media usernames were all available. The five categories were brainstormed and fine tuned, along with contributors. And connections with like-minded women, communities and business began happening naturally. TFW launched in June 2014 and it's been one beautiful, unexpected and massive journey so far. Now, it's already much greater than myself as women around the globe (literally) are owning that they're so lovely, so free, and engaging with the world differently. I'm incredibly overwhelmed and humbled that I get to play a role in pioneering and leading this remarkable and authentic movement. 

6) What are your dreams?:

Oh, so many! Obviously for TFW to continue to bloom and grow in every way. More than creating an online community, the hope has always been for it to create real-life connections and communities where women can gather and be real with one another face-to-face. I absolutely love and have great respect for the online world and the connections it produces, but am also mindful that if that doesn't translate into our every day, out-and-about in the real world living, then it's going to create a multitude of women who are lonely, and that would be a tragedy. There are great dreams for TFW. The blog is simply the first stage. Now that that's taken off and is gaining traction we can begin unfolding the rest. Watch this space ;)

7) If you could give women one piece of spiritual advice, what would it be?:

Keep your faith and relationship with God simple. While it's great and an absolute necessity to pray, don't replace praying with doing. Becoming 'spiritual' is not the goal; loving people the way Jesus did is, and you shouldn't have to say Jesus' Name in order to preach Him. Let your faith be interwoven through and influence every facet of your life. Imagine a world where we actually showed people Jesus through our actions, and not simply our words. What a beautiful world it would be.

8) Website link: 

You can find The Free Woman on Instagram at @thefreewmn. Join the #solovelysofree movement today and embrace the woman you are with sisters around the globe! Get ready to be inspired. 


Emily Lauren 


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