Daily Delight

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Today, I am reminding myself to love others fearlessly. To love fearlessly means to love others without any thoughts or expectations of what you'll receive in return. Jesus' last commandment is our very first priority, & today I choose to dive in head first. Living out of a place of fearless love reveals to us the life of fullness that Jesus came to give, + I want to experience just that. Don't you? 

Here are some ways to better love yourself + others: 

1)Be true to who you are. If we want to be loved for who we truly are, then why not just be yourself? 

2)  Make yourself a priority. Only then can you love others and be loved. 

3) Do not fear vulnerability. Vulnerability is an incredibly beautiful thing + the very one thing that allows us to be in our power. It is from a place of our own vulnerability that connection to others is possible + our relationships with them are kept alive. 

4) Embrace your messiness + imperfections. It gives us the the gift of growth. Truth be told, perfection is owning that you are perfectly imperfect, yet still fully loved by a Maker that desires to bring glory through the image of wholeness that you were created in. 

Love rewards the brave. Be brave, + love f e a r l e s s l y


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