Daily Delight

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

He gives you life, He gives you breath, and within your heart lies, at its very center, an instilled purpose for His righteousness. 

•• He is your helper and your shield- even when you fail to yield. Part of of our job in the Kingdom's field is to build that grand city that shines bright on a hill. Ladies, your Kingdom work is how you are 


 •• He hears your voice when no one else does. He gives you choice out of His desire for you to trust. When your fears are instilled and you feel like worthless dust, God is the voice that whispers into our hearts, "Fight child, you must." 

•• He makes His strength your own so that you can look to the enemy and say, "Get behind me Satan. Move out of my way!" Every day is a fight, but this we know to be true: Our God is a God who makes ALL things like new.

• He is our Father, our Friend, our everlasting Guide. He is who created us to fully thrive in this life. And until we see His Kingdom come, it's not our will, but His to be done. 

{Photo: @lindsey_holbert}


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