Daily Delight

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Who you are m a t t e r s. What you've been through m a t t e r s. What you're going through m a t t e r s. And what you'll go through in the future m a t t e r s. There is purpose in everything- we just have to choose to see it. 
Stories help us realize that we are not alone. Stories give us the courage to act and the boldness to speak. They inspire us to do more and be more. 
Our stories benefit us greatly. They help us heal and they speak hope and deliver healing into the lives of others as well. Our stories are the links that bring and bond us together.  So whatever it is that you have gone or are going through, don't keep silent. Find your healing through opening your heart to someone today, who needs to hear what you have to share. Find wholeness and healing through the act of vulnerability and courage. What you have to say m a t t e r s, so speak up.

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