Daily Delight

Monday, April 27, 2015

Ladies, it is so vital that you know this if you don't already: Not every relationship is worth the fight. 

If you are in a relationship that is full of constant, emotional drainage, it's time to reevaluate. A relationship that is worth the fight isn't about constant second chances for someone who continues to hurt and wrong you. A relationship worth putting up a fight for is one that involves evaluating conflict and communicating through it in such a way that is effective and beneficial towards the health of your relationship. A relationship worth the fight is not one full of grudges, but one full of letting go and moving forward when conflict is resolved. Relationships that aren't producing good fruit and allowing both of you to thrive for the greater good of the Kingdom are red flags. Do not ignore them. 

A relationship worth the fight includes being with someone who adds value to you; who acknowledges and cherishes the treasure you are; who invests his emotional energy in your relationship; who actively and attentively listens to you; who accepts you and your baggage as equally as you accept his. This type of relationshipone full of life, love, grace, communication. conflict and reconciliation, and acceptancewill lead to a marriage that lasts. 

Do not settle! 

Pray BIG and bold prayers for your future husband and the Lord will deliver him to you in His timing. As cheesy and as cliche as this may sound, the Lord hears and acknowledges your thoughts and your prayers. Continue to give them to Him as you draw near to His throne. May He bless you with an answered prayer that will allow you to flourish and serve the Kingdom together in ways beyond your own comprehension. 


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