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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

When Christ was crucified, His mission became our story. It is vital that we hold ourselves accountable to this mission and participate in it with every opportunity offered. Today, I want to share with you some vey practical and disciplinary ways to keep yourself in check as a participant in God's redemptive mission for the world. 

1) Pray according to God's will, not your own. Jesus' name alone signifies all that He is. Praying in His name means praying in accordance with who He is and the will He has for our lives. 

2) Proclaim the Word of God. The Word is glorified through believers when they hear it and believe it. Proclaim the Word and display it through your thoughts and actions, and give God the glory. 

3) Praise the Lord. We were created to worship our Maker in such a way that points those around us the Higher Power above us. Take delight in this honor and worship your Maker with the entirety of your being and through every aspect of your life. 

4) Bear good fruit. When we bear good fruit, the world sees the results of a life filled with the Spirit. This is exactly why we are here, to put God on display to the world! 

5) Repent. You are not perfect. You are a flawed human being with old, dusty baggage and fresh baggage that you have yet to claim. God knows this and it is important that you acknowledge that He knows this. The Lord is faithful, merciful, and a constant giver of grace. He redeems us because He loves us. When we repent, we humbly acknowledge our shortcomings and give glory to God by doing so. 

Ladies, our God-ordained role in this world is to make His name known through our acts of glorification in His name. May each of your lives display the abundance of the full life that Jesus came to give and has to offer those who have yet to experience it.

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