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Thursday, April 9, 2015

As women, we receive a lot of focus from people based on our relationship status. If you're the kind of girl who is single and can't seem to understand why, my heart and my words go out to you today. Here are some things I pray that you hear and that you hear very well:

1) There is NOTHING wrong with you. You were made in the image of God and the Lord desires for you to be with someone who can reflect His glory and goodness to the world with you. If a man cannot see you how the Lord sees you (a unique & one-of-a-kind cherished treasure), then he is completely undeserving of you. 

2) Your standards are not too high. Just because you aren't settling does not mean that your special someone is not out there. He is, and once you meet him you'll understand why the wait and your patience throughout it all was so very worth it. Don't settle for what you deserve just to receive attention from someone. God showers you with His affection and attention constantly. Open your eyes and bask in His love and adoration for His beloved (you!). 

3) You do not need a significant other to be happy. The joy of the Lord is your strength. He is the Joy of all joys and your truest fulfillment comes from God and God alone. Find happiness and peace in yourself through the comfort of this truth.

4) God DOES hear the prayers of your heart. As cliche as it sounds, His timing is not ours. You must learn to trust in the One who has already determined the course of your steps. He is good, He is King, and He is glorious. And ladies, He knows what He is doing.

5) God may be trying to improve specific areas in your life to further form you. Or, He may be using you to do things for His kingdom that you would not otherwise be able to do if you had a significant other by your side. If the Lord desires to provide the best for you, you can bet that He also desires to provide the best for your significant other. Give Him time to work on the condition of both of your hearts, allow His will to prevail, and allow time to fall in His hands- right where it belongs. 

6) You are worthy of love. Love is the set of hands that created you. Love instilled you. Love is what you were made for. Don't give up on it, because it's right in front of you. 

Ladies, whatever you do, do not treat your singleness like it's a curse. Do not allow the enemy to tell you it's because you are not pretty enough, good enough, or that something is wrong with you. All of this is false, and if we nurture the lies of our self-worth, we'll have an incredibly tough time trying to dig our way out of them. Don't let Satan win. You are worthy of love, right now in this moment and in every moment after it. You are SO worth it. I promise it. You are. 

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